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    Driving Test Routes

    It is important that a pupil driver gets acquainted with the driving test routes ahead of the time when he will be required to take the test. Getting familiar with the general area where they are taking the test will, without doubt, help the pupil with pre-emption and afford the opportunity to direct their attention to particular spots and junctions where they might seem to be having difficulty. Practicing on the test route is a great intuitive approach to discover and make up for your weakness, and it allows your Driving instructor to devise the best possible way to prepare you against the road spots, corners, junctions, and the axis which are proving difficult for you to maneuver.

    In the Tallaght Test Route, for example, they are great opportunities in Belgard Heights and Parkhill Avenue for a student to practice and hone his skills for Turnabout, Reverse Around the Corner and getting a Hill Start. At the Rathgar Test Route, an opportunity to practice on similar driving cue points exist at the Woodside Drive for a Hill Start and on the Riverside Drive for a Turnabout and a Reverse Around the Corner.

    We certainly cannot exhaust the list of learning curve options that exist on each driveway in Dublin. But we can say this for sure; it is best for a pupil to gauge and assess his knowledge and expertise of the driving test route before he takes the driving test itself.

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