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    Before deciding and jumping head first  into the first driving school in BlackRock you see, think about these few questions before you waste your valuable money.

    What is this company's profile and online reputation like?
    Are they new to the business and relatively inexperienced?
    Can you see visibly their ongoing and continued pass rate?
    What's their Google reviews saying?
    Have you checked their Social Media platforms for recent activity?

    Based on all of the above, that makes National Driving School BlackRock one of the leading providers of EDT lessons and providers of the best pretest driving lessons BlackRock has to offer.

    Don’t take our word for it, read what our pupils are saying all over this page and indeed website.

    Elite Instructors in Blackrock Driving School

    We train our own Instructors in house because we have our own ADI training unit and  therefore we can stand over each and every Instructor we have operating anywhere in Dublin.

    Our ADI trainers are some of the best trainers in Europe and that quality comes out when we train a local Instructor who will then in turn provide the best EDT and pretest driving  lessons anywhere in BlackRock .Quality wins over price everytime.

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