Driving Lesson: What You Need To Know About Hard Shoulders

Are you new to driving? Do you want to fast track your driving lesson journey without cutting corners on safety and driving basics? You are sure in the right place because, in as little time as possible, I will put you through what you need to be one of the best drivers on the road. You may be confused about a lot of things going on on the roads with no one to explain them to you. They might not even make sense to you at the moment, but after spending time with me, you will get a better understanding of what such things are.

One of such things I will be discussing today is hard shoulders. This is one thing many drivers and road users still get confused about. You may have witnessed a situation where you are in a car and your driver wants to overtake another vehicle while maintaining the approved speed limit without the person in front of you pulling to the left side to make way for you. That left side is called hard shoulders and could also be on either side of the road. Many people do not make use of the hard shoulders because they are afraid they may end up with a charge if they pull to the hard shoulder.

In order to avoid repeating the same mistake when you eventually start driving, it is important you take note that it is alright to drive onto the hard shoulder to let the other person overtake. This is as long as you are not deemed to be aiding a crime which could land you in prison for 12 years. For the avoidance of doubt, always check to make sure that no cyclist, pedestrian is using the hard shoulder before you move onto that part of the road. Also, you should make sure that no entrance or junction is close by as contained in page 67 of Rules of the Road. This important information is particularly helpful for driving lessons Dublin, driving lessons Tallaght, and driving lessons Churchtown.
Will driving onto hard shoulders burst my car?

Another misconception people have is that when they drive onto the hard shoulder, their car will burst into flames. To some, the broken yellow lines of the hard shoulder contain explosives that have been put in place by council workers. Well, no such thing can happen. Hard shoulders are safe to use and will not have your car going up in flames when you drive onto them.

In fact, not letting a driver safely overtake you could land you into trouble. That is what hard shoulders are meant for. As long as you are driving within the rules of the road, you will be doing yourself more harm than good when you prevent another driver from overtaking you. It could be that they are in a hurry and not as relaxed as you are when driving. Maybe they have an emergency to attend to, and your refusal to let them overtake costs them something important. Just make sure that you have checked for what I stated above before driving onto the hard shoulder to allow the other person overtake you.

I have a feeling you have learned something very important today. The essence of making sure you one of the best drivers in the world is not just dishing out instructions to you. you can expect to get more of this type of lecture when you enroll with us for your driving lessons. We will teach you what others are ignorant of which are considered as road offense. Remember, if you interested in driving lessons Tallaght, and , driving lessons Dublin, driving lessons Churchtown or anywhere in Dublin, you can always count on us to deliver the very best lessons that will turn you into an amiable driver.

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