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All You Need To Know About the Reduced EDT plan

What is EDT?

EDT stands for Essential Driver Training. This is a training program which is necessary for all aspiring drivers to attend. This training course comprises of some basic yet super important driving skills and tips which is what makes a great and responsible driver. This is one driver training program is mandatory for all people who are learning how to drive. This program aims at equipping people with all the knowledge and information and make sure everyone is aware of all road and traffic rules.

Driving is a skill which can have major repercussions if not dealt with responsibly. Many inexperienced young drivers tend to meet with collisions and life-threatening accidents. To avoid these situations, the EDT was designed to ensure safety and minimize accidents as much as possible. At National Driving School, Dublin, we offer EDT as well as reduced EDT programmes which focus on preparing future drivers with all the tips and tricks to ensure that they turn out to be extremely responsible and careful drivers. One irresponsible and careless driver can be extremely fatal for all the people who are on the road – driving or not.

What is meant by the reduced EDT plan?

The reduced EDT plan is a condensed version of the regular EDT plan. While the regular EDT plan involves 12 hours of lessons taken one hour per day, the new reduced EDT plan aims at getting the EDT done in about one or two days. While this is the average time frame, people can choose to spread out the lessons over a longer duration of time as well. Since the beginning of 2019, a new rule has been established where people who have valid driving licenses but belong to any country other than Ireland are compulsorily required to take the reduced EDT plan. Once they apply and take this programme, they will be eligible to apply for an Irish driving license. The receiving of the license also depends on whether the individual has been successful in clearing the practical part of the driving test.

When is a person eligible for EDT programme?

People who have a valid driving license in their respective nationality but is not in accordance with the Irish rules and regulations are the ones who can attend the reduced EDT programme. These people must also have had proved their driving eligibility through the NDLS and should possess a learner’s permit. When a person has completed their reduced EDT programme, they will be eligible to apply for their official driving license.

The impact of the reduced EDT programme on ADIs

First things first – what are ADIs? ADI stands for Approved Driving Instructors. These are individuals who are certified to teach other aspiring driving students how to drive. People who are wanting to become ADIs have to complete the first, fifth, sixth, seventh, ninth and tenth sessions of the EDT programme if they are applying to be an ADI in Ireland. These sessions are in addition to their formal ADI training program.

Is there a special logbook for the reduced EDT programmes?

All ADIs are always issued a logbook where they will need to maintain all the sessions of the EDT that they attend. This is done to make sure that all the ADIs are receiving an adequate amount of knowledge they should be getting before they can go on and teach other people. The logbook keeps a track of the sessions each ADI attends. Now since the development of the new reduced EDT program, there has not been a logbook created for just those purposes, but the existing EDT logbooks can be used for this as well. When someone is signing up for the reduced EDT programme, they only have to attend session one, five, six, seven, nine and ten of the regular EDT program. This means that the stamp on the existing EDT logbook will be required only for these sessions. Later this logbook can be uploaded to the EDT portal to mark the completion of the reduced EDT programme.

What is meant by the 6-month rule?

This rule is very simple and extremely convenient – the 6-month rule basically states that people who are eligible to attend the reduced EDT programme will not have to wait for a period of 6 months before they take the practical driving test. This also makes the process of getting a person’s driving license a lot quicker and easier since the mandatory 6 month wait period has been removed.