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How To Become A Driving School Instructor?

These days, learning how to drive is the new fad, but it is a fad which is also an extremely useful one too. Learning how to drive gives people the freedom and independence to move about according to their own will and wishes. Individuals who drive do not have to depend on any other human and can drive themselves as well as their friends and family to places where they need to be. One of the most popular ways to learn how to drive is by enrolling for driving lessons. When a person joins a reputed driving school like National Driving School which has multiple branches all over Dublin, they get personalized one-on-one attention from ADI approved professional driving instructors. Not only that, when a student registers with National Driving School, they get the option of bringing their own car if they have one for the lessons. This makes the learning process a lot more comfortable for the students if they get to learn and practice on their own car. If the student does not have their own car, they can use any of the cars provided by the school. They can learn how to drive a manual, automatic or a semi-automatic car, the choice is up to them.

Who certifies driving instructors in Ireland?

Since more and more people want to learn how to drive, it is obvious that the profession of teaching people how to drive cars has also boomed immensely. More and more driving enthusiasts are looking for driving schools or registered ADI approved driving instructors who can teach them how to drive. One of the biggest criteria for becoming a successful and reputed driving instructor is being registered with the RSA as an Approved Driving Instructor. Now you may ask, what is the RSA? The RSA is the Road Safety Authority of Ireland. Their mission is to make the roads of Ireland a safe place to be. This is why they scan each and every aspiring driving instructor thoroughly before they can start teaching impressionable students how to drive. If any driving instructor does not have the seal of approval from the RSA, then they cannot earn money from teaching people how to drive.

How can an individual become an ADI approved driving school instructor?

To become an RSA approved ADI certified driving instructor, you first must be an exceptional driver with a valid driver’s license. This means that you should have already completed your driving lessons, given the driving test, passed the exam and gotten the license in your hands. After this, you are required to do the following –

  • Prepare for the driving instructor test

Before you start thinking about applying as a driving instructor to routed driving schools, you must be prepared for what’s coming your way. If you want to be a driving instructor, you are required to hold a valid driving license for at least two years, and you are also required to give a driving instructor test which aims at assessing three main aspects of your driving teaching ability. The test has three parts to it, which the test giver is required to pass individually so that they can clear the driving instructor test on the whole. The three parts of the test are –

Theory test – this part of the test aims to understand how up to date you are with the latest road and traffic rules and etiquette.

Practical test – here, the examiner tests how good you actually are behind the wheel

Instructional ability test – here the examiner pretends to be your driving student, and you will have to give them instructions to tell them how to drive. This is kind of a roleplay test.

  • Apply for ADI certification at the RSA

Once you have cleared all three parts of the driving test, then you can apply to be an ADI driving instructor by filling in the form provided by the RSA of Ireland.

  • Clear all the paperwork and receive the ADI certification

You will have to present your proof of identity, driving convictions of any, driving licenses and the result of your driving instructor test. Once you have all the papers and documents in place, then you can submit the application for the ADI certification

  • Start teaching as an ADI certified driving instructor!

Now that you have the ADI certification, you can officially apply to any driving school of your choice or even work independently as a professional ADI approved driving instructor.

Once you have the ADI certification, you can head to any reputed driving school of your choice and let them know that you want to work with them as a driving instructor. If they are convinced by your skill and personality, you will be hired easily as a driving school instructor.

How Old Must One Be To Become A Driving Instructor?

More and more people are opening up their minds and skills towards investing in becoming a professional driving instructor. And why shouldn’t they, after all? You get a chance to utilize a life skill, or even a hobby and use it for earning money. Not just money, it helps you earn a living in a highly respectable and sought after manner. Teens and adults who don’t know how to drive yet desperately want to learn and their first preference is learning from a well-trained driving instructor. While it is pretty easy to become a driving instructor, there are some restrictions to become one. In this article, we will address some of these concerns.

First – How hard is it to become a driving instructor?

This is a question which is very easy to respond to – yes! It really isn’t tough to become a driving instructor, provided that your driving skills are amazing. You obviously should be able to drive really well, keeping all traffic rules and regulations in mind. You not only must be an exceptional driver, but you must enjoy it as well so that you can enjoy making a living out of it. The best way to go about becoming a driving instructor is to sign up for driving lessons at a professional driving school. Schools like National Driving School specialize in these lessons. They not only get people eager to learn how to drive to sign up for their lessons, but they also have a steady stream of people who want to take their driving skills to the next level as they want to be professional driving instructors. At National Driving School, Dublin, the most immense focus is paid on the basics and the rules of traffic and theory as well. Along with the practical knowledge required to drive in almost all types of situations, theoretical knowledge is key as well. At National Driving School, all the teachers are qualified and highly experienced, so you can be sure that you are learning only from the best. The advantage of learning from a professional school is that you can also give the ADI test (Approved Driving Instructor test) and get feedback on what aspects need improvement. It sure does help to get some professional help when you are trying to get your driving instructor license.

Second – How old do I need to be to become a driving instructor?

In Ireland, the minimum age you need to be to become a driving instructor is 21 years of age. This means that you can be quite young and still become a well trained and professional driving instructor. You will have to get the required certification and you’re all set. Basically, as long as you have a valid driving license, are over 21 years of age and have a DVSA (Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency) approved ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) certificate, you can become a professional driving instructor. A huge reason why we urge all aspiring driving instructors to go through all the tests and requirements for the legal certification is that it is illegal to accept fees for driving lessons without having the legal documents to show for it. This is where your ADI certificate comes super handy.

Third – Is there a specific time commitment I need to make?

The answer is super simple – NO! As long as you are teaching students independently, you don’t have to make a fixed time commitment. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you will earn as much as the number of hours you decide to put in. This is the best part of working independently – you can use your time the way you want to. On the flip side, you can always sign up to be a driving instructor with a renowned driving school and then you have to work for a fixed number of hours and you get paid a fixed salary. With this arrangement, you get a steady flow of income and also some additional benefits can come along with any other 9 to 5 job. There are aspects of each option that may entice you, but you will have to pick and choose and see which option works the best for you, and which options suits your situation the most.

Fourth – How long will it take for me to become a driving instructor?

The minimum time for an average person to clear their ADI test and get all their documents in place is about six months. It may take longer in cases where you have been unable to pass certain levels of the test, but if it all goes well and you have prepared well, you can clear the test in one go and in about 6 months, you will have your Approved Driving Instructor certification in your hand! It all boils down to how you go about the process and how well you prepare.

How Much Does The Driving Instructor Training Cost?

So now that you know that you want to be a driving instructor, there are a few steps that need to be taken by you to make sure you can actually achieve that goal. The main step in this process is definitely getting the driving instructor certificate from a legitimate source. Since this is one of the most crucial steps in getting your driving instructor license, most people prefer to get trained by a professional driving school, rather than preparing for the test all by themselves. The preparation of the test has nothing to do with your driving abilities, but the only thing it helps you in perfecting is making sure you have all the minute details covered, details which may get missed if you are preparing on your own. A good driving school not only improves your driving skill, but it also pays close attention to traffic rules and regulations. At National Driving School, not only can people learn how to drive right from scratch, but they can also train to become a driving instructor. National Driving School understands the importance of helping make some amazing driving instructors because when not done right, driving can be dangerous as well. This puts immense pressure on driving instructors to do their job very well. This is why at National Driving School, the teachers are well trained so that they can teach their students to be even better teachers. After all, this is a skill you don’t want to mess with!

The ADI test – What is it really?

The ADI test – or the Approved Driving Instructor test – is a test that is mandatory for every aspiring driving instructor. It has 3 main aspects or parts – Practical skill, Theoretical knowledge, and Instructional knowledge.

Practical skill – In this part of the test, your actual driving skills are put to test. You would have to drive with a professional driving instructor and he or she will assess your driving. Many people prefer to apply for an ADI test training course, which is offered by many renowned driving skills, even National Driving School. It is a good idea to do so in terms of improving and sharpening your tool.

Theoretical knowledge – This part of the test assesses the theory part of driving. This includes the basic rules and regulations of traffic as well as basic driving etiquette. It is very important that you ace this part of the test because if you don’t, you can’t be deemed fit to be a professional driving instructor. This is so important especially when you are responsible for transferring the knowledge to other aspiring drivers.

Instructional knowledge – This part of the test is where there is a role reversal. By this, we mean that the person taking the test would now act as your student, and you would be tested on your teaching/instructional skills. For this part, you will act like how you would when you are teaching a potential student.

How much does the ADI test cost?

If you sign up for taking the Approved Driving Instructor test with a legitimate driving school, the cost of ADI training can go up to 3000 euros. This training cost covers about 60 hours of on ground training and tuition.

As you know, there are 3 parts of the ADI test – Practical, theoretical and instructional. When you are paying for this test, you pay for these three parts separately. This means that if you fail to pass one part of the test, you will have to pay for it again to take that part of the test again. The theory part of the test is the cheapest, and should not be any more than 150-160 euros for each attempt. The practical and instructional part of the test cost about 200 euros each. Once you have passed all three aspects of the test, you will be required to pay an Advanced Driving Instructor registration fee, which is about 250 euros. This ADI certification lasts for 2 years, after which you are required to renew it. The renewal costs about 250 euros.

ADI test fee breakup –

ADI test training fee – 3000 euros

Practical part – 200 euros

Theoretical part – 150 euros

Instructional part – 200 euros

ADI registration fee – 250 euros

ADI registration renewal fee – 250 euros

If you want to prepare well even in your downtime, you can also purchase books and literature to train your mind in terms of theory and teaching techniques. The studying material can cost up to 100 euros at the max.

Keeping all these costs in mind, you can safely say that you can become a professional driving instructor in about under 4,200 euros, inclusive of training, tests and registration fees, as well as books and literature. This cost is definitely an investment, but in the future, it definitely does pay off.

How Much Do Driving Instructors Get Paid?

Driving is not only a very important life skill that everyone should learn, but it also a skill that can help people make a decent living as well. The best part about driving is that it is a skill that can be used in a very casual setting – for example, when you just want to go out with your friends but don’t want to depend on any type of public transport; or you could even take this skill to a more professional level, where you can use your driving skills to earn money. The easiest way to make money with driving is by becoming a professional driving instructor.

The National Driving School Dublin has a great reputation for training some of the best driving instructors. It is also one of the most sought after driving schools by teens and adult alike who want to learn how to be a great driver. The National Driving School not only makes sure that you have the practical knowledge required to drive a vehicle safely and efficiently but also equips you with the best of theoretical knowledge which can help you deal with different rules and regulations on the road. The intensive training provided by National Driving School prepares its students and instructors with all the minute details which can help them stay out of sticky situations and deal with loopholes in the most effective way possible. It gives you the most wholesome and well-round knowledge about the skill of driving.

I want to make a living out of driving… But how?

That’s simple! All you would have to do is apply and pass a test for becoming an ADI (Advanced Driving Instructor). Once you have the certification to be a professional driving instructor, you can easily make a living! The amount you make will depend on a few factors, but it is a very real possibility to earn through driving.

How much on an average does a driving instructor get paid?

On an average, a professional driving instructor can make about 30 to 35 thousand Euros per year or more. This amount can change depending on the number of hours you put in, on the number of students that you have, on the years of teaching experience you have or if you choose to join a driving school or not. In Dublin, a driver instructor can earn up to 24 euros per hour!

On an hourly basis, it is quite common for a driving instructor in Ireland to earn about 20 to 24 euros per hour. This rate again can fluctuate depending on your skills, geographical location, and your professional experience. At the moment, the average per hour wage for a professional driving instructor is 20.63 euros.

Different factors affecting the salaries of professional driving instructors –

1. Number of hours the instructor decides to put in

On an average, a regular driving instructor will put in 3-4 hours on a daily basis into their job. This obviously will make a huge impact on how much they will make in a month if they are being paid by the hour. If the driving instructor is working under a reputed organization, then, of course, the story is quite different. They will get paid for a fixed number of hours they put in every day and that number is non-negotiable.

2. The geographical location of the driving instructor

This is a simple rule of supply and demand. If the demand for driving lessons is very high in a particular geographical location, then the rates of teaching per hour can increase as compared to an area where the demand for driving lessons is very low. In Ireland, learning how to drive is a very important rite of passage, making the skill of driving a huge deal. Everybody wants to get behind the wheel, and that works in favour of all the driving instructors!

3. Duration of driving lessons

Time is precious. Driving instructors are giving their students their very valuable time, and this time definitely comes at a price!

4. Consistency of work

It is a known fact that people love to learn from experts who are constantly involved in their work. By this, we mean that no one wants a driving instructor who takes about two to three driving lessons in a whole month. They want someone who is committed to their work and enjoys doing what they do. The consistency of lessons is key if you want to make it big in the driving instructor world.

5. Experience and dedication

People will always prefer a more experienced and dedicated driving instructor. But fear not! If you have the will to become one, nothing can stop you. Success is a ladder and you will get to the top step by step. All you need to do is keep going, and soon, you will have a steady stream of interested students who will pay generously for the time and efforts you put in.

How Much Do Driving Instructors Earn In Ireland?

Driving is one of the most important and valued life skills as of today. Not only does this skill make you independent and self-reliant, but it also improves your eye-hand coordination and gives you the ability to travel from one point to another at your own pace and convenience. This is why more and more young adults and elders want to learn how to drive because the benefits are just endless. You not only equip yourself with the skill and tool to help yourself but also help others. Another plus point of learning how to drive is that you can easily make a living off of it. By this, we mean that you can either become a driver or take up a job which involves a lot of driving and commuting from one place to another, or you can pass on this knowledge to others by becoming a driving instructor.

The first step in becoming a driving instructor, however, is being an exceptionally good driver. By this, we mean that the best way to kick off your driving instructor career is by signing yourself up with a reputable driving school like National Driving School in Dublin. It is Dublin’s most renowned and trusted driving school and for all the right reasons! They have people of all ages who are learning how to drive. Some of their students, after getting their driver’s license, also apply for the Approved Driving Instructor test training as well. The advantage of training for this ADI test with National Driving School is that the trained professionals not only train you super well in the actual practical knowledge of driving, but they also teach the small nitty-gritty details which make a person a great driving instructor. This, coming from a trained professional, makes a world of difference. At National Driving School, you can be well assured that you will only learn from the best, and you will for sure pass the ADI test and further receive your completed ADI certification which makes you eligible to teach other people the awesome skill of driving.

How much money will I be able to make as a driving instructor in Ireland?

Like most professions, the amount of money you make varies from place to place. According to some reports in the United Kingdom, driving instructors in that region get paid around 18,000 to 20,000 euros initially. This rate tends to increase after their initial first few years up to 25,000 to 30,000 euros. This rate is not fixed as there are a variety of ways which may affect the income of a driving instructor. Studies have also shown that there has been a huge increase in the driving instructor fees between the years 2011 and 2012, almost a 24% jump, which is quite high. This goes to show that the driving industry is pretty unstoppable!

In Ireland, Dublin in particular, the rates for driving lessons is one of the highest compared to any other country. The fee can go up to 45 euros per hour! If this doesn’t make you jump at the opportunity of becoming a driving instructor, then we don’t know what will! Not just Dublin, but Ireland is blessed to have some of the highest rates for driving lessons across the globe, starting from 30 euros per hour, up to 45 euros per hour.

Factor affecting how much money you make as a driving instructor –

1. Your geographical location

This plays a huge role in determining how much you as a driving instructor may make on an hourly basis. With so many different currencies and how differently they are valued, having one fixed rate or income for any given profession does not and will not make sense. This is why Ireland has one of the higher rates per hour for driving lessons. It also helps to have a high demand for wanting to learn how to drive and hiring driving instructors to teach them this skill. So your location and the demand for driving lessons in that region will most definitely affect how much you earn on an hourly or on a yearly basis.

2. Your time and energy spent teaching

Like any other skill, your teaching skills will also improve drastically if you put in many hours and efforts into it. Practice is key and the more you practice, the better you will get. Also, remember – this is a world of references. What your past students think about your teaching style will affect your work and how much you make ultimately. So spending the time to polish up your skill is a great idea and is also a must.

3. Your expertise

To become a successful driving instructor, you need to be a successful driver, to begin with. This is a no brainer, but this is why it is essential to train at a driving school (like National Driving School) so that you can perfect the art of driving.

How Many Driving Lessons Should You Take Before sitting The Driving Test?

These days, driving is one such skill which holds a lot of importance and value as being able to drive gives you a new level of independence where you don’t have to depend on other people or on any system of public transport to travel from one place to another. More and more people want to learn how to drive for this very reason. And one of the most common and sought after way to start their driving journey is by enrolling with some driving school to get driving lessons. Most driving schools teach the practical part of driving along with the theoretical part as well. While some people think learning from a family member or a friend who knows how to drive is enough to take the wheel and drive on your own, unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Driving can be fatal if certain important yet basic rules aren’t covered thoroughly. If you learn from a professional driving instructor at a driving school, you can rest assured that no important rule or detail has been left out. In Dublin, people rely on and trust National Driving School a lot because of their great reviews and testimonials left behind by ex-students. Parents look forward to enrolling their teenage kids so that they can responsibly drive and be safe and take of themselves and others in the vehicle. National Driving School has a great approach to driving lessons, where equal importance is given to the practical aspect of driving as well as the theoretical part too. Both of these go hand in hand and this dual-pronged approach tackles all the challenges of driving in a very effective manner.

Why should I take driving lessons?

1. Personalized one on one interaction with a professional

Having a professional analyze and judge your driving skills in the passenger seat sure does help a lot as they can objectively critique your techniques without the interference of any biases and external factors.

2. Real-time experience on the road

Along with the traditional classroom setup where you earn about traffic,  signs, rules, and regulations, you also get to drive the car on a street, and this combination of lessons sure does go a long way to make an impact.

3. Attention to detail

The biggest advantage of learning how to drive from a driving instructor is that you get to learn through someone who has had to be trained to be able to teach themselves. This qualification gives a lot of students the peace and mind and confidence they need to perform well and lose any inhibitions and fears. Also, you can be sure of the fact that all the major and minor ppointers of driving are covered over the duration of the course.

4. You can be safe with an experienced driver in the passenger seat

A driving instructor must be alert and make sure they can jump in and control a situation which may go out of hand if not paid attention to. Safety is a great aspect which should not be ignored at any cost.

5. More probability of passing the driver’s license test

Driving lessons are designed in a way to make sure people who want to take the driving test can pass it. They aim at covering all the important facts and pointers which will equip the person taking the test to be well prepared and ultimately ace the test and get their driver’s license.

How many driving lessons should I take before I give my driver’s license test?

Before we answer this question we must keep in mind and never forget the fact that different people have different speeds of learning, so there is no actual measure of how many lessons are required to master the art of driving and gong ahead with giving your driver’s license test. But with that being said, most driving instructors believe that a new student will ideally require about 45 to 50 hours of training with a professional driving instructor before they go ahead and give their driver’s license test. Completing these many hours will increase the student’s chance of passing the test with flying colors and receiving their driver’s license. These hours loosely translate to about 30 to 35 driving lessons (depending in how long your driving lessons are – most commonly the lessons are about one and a half to two hours long)

With that number in mind now, you must remember that there is no hard rule for this, but these numbers are based on an average of time taken by students to learn how to drive and pass their driving test. After your driving lesson, it definitely helps to practice on your own in your personal time and space. Practice makes perfect, and the rule isn’t any different for driving a car. The more you practice, the higher are your chances to pass the test and get your driver’s license in the first attempt itself!

How To Become A Car Driving Instructor?

Driving is a very sought after skill. These days, all pre-teens, teens, and adults too want to learn how to drive. And why shouldn’t they? After all, it makes them more independent and confident. Driving not only makes you self sufficient, but it also makes you a public hero as you can take your friends and family out on your own, without being dependent on any type of public transport or a third party. Driving is definitely a life skill and everyone must learn it regardless of the fact whether they have a vehicle or not. Since the skill of driving is so much in demand, it only makes sense that people are also in need of driving instructors. This is what makes the field of driving so lucrative – not only is it valuable, but it is also great for making a living.

Most people go to a driving school like National Driving School in Dublin to learn how to drive, The have a team of highly skilled driving instructors who have all the knowledge they need to make their students into amazing and responsible drivers. At National Driving School, utmost importance is given to details and the small things. By this, we mean that the driving instructors at National Driving School not only equip their students with all the practical knowledge they need but also give them a step by step breakdown of all the traffic and driving rules, regulations and etiquette. This is one of the many reasons why National Driving School is often referred to as one of the best driving schools in Dublin, or even the whole of Ireland!

Now that you know that everyone wants to learn how to drive, it is no secret why so many people want to become driving instructors. But there is one question that often haunts these aspiring driving instructors – but how?

How to become an ADI approved driving instructor?

What is ADI? ADI is an abbreviation for Approved Driving Instructor. This certification is given by the Road Safety Association. It is necessary to get an ADI certification as only when you have this credential can you legally take fees for giving driving lessons to your students. There are a couple of steps that you will need to take to become an ADI approved driving instructor which are –

  1. You will have to be an excellent driver

This is no surprise. To be able to teach, you need to be able to perform exceptionally well yourself. The way you drive is a marketing tool in itself. This is what will draw more students towards you, and you will be able to make more money and build a reputation for yourself.

  • You will have to undergo an ADI tutorial course

A proper professional ADI tutorial course will train you for all the three parts of the test – from the theory and practical to the instruction giving ability. You must give this training a lot of importance because, in the end, this is what will make or break you as a driving instructor.

  • You will have to give the ADI test

To successfully pass the ADI test, you will have to pass all the three components independently. Once all the three parts have been cleared, you have passed the test!

  • You will have to undergo a thorough background check

This is done to make sure that you don’t have any driving related felonies or charges against you. If not, you’re in the clear and are on your way to becoming an ADI approved driving instructor!

  • Register as an ADI

Now you will have to pay a registration fee so that you can be noted down as an ADI approved driving instructor.

  • Start teaching!

Congratulations! You are now an ADI approved professional driving instructor! It is time for you to get behind the wheel and start teaching!

Do you have what it takes?

To be a successful driving instructor, you must possess certain qualities which will make you stand out as a teacher, and will also make you a great one. This means that you will get more referrals and in turn more students! Some of the qualities are –

  1. In-depth knowledge about your field

To be able to teach, you must know your topic inside out, back to front. You will have to be prepared for all types of questions and doubts students may come up with.

  • A lot of patience

You must keep in mind that everybody is different, and everybody has different learning abilities. Just because someone does not catch on as quickly, you as a teacher are not to become impatient and aggressive. Patience is key and is what will make people come back to you for more.

  • Willingness to work hard

If you want to be successful, you will have to put in the hours to get there. This holds true for any skill, not just driving and teaching.

  • Great with people/students

You will be interacting with people firsthand. This means that you have to learn how to deal with all different types of people and learn how to tweak your teaching style to suit their personality and learning abilities.

  • Great general awareness

You will be behind the wheel and also would be responsible for another human being. Be very aware of your surroundings and be very quick on your feet and thinking.

How To Become A Driving Instructor

Driving these days is not just a matter of getting around from one place to another, it is a highly important life skill that can pay off in more than a few ways. One of the simplest ways to use the skill of driving to your benefit and make some monetary benefit from it is to become a driving instructor. The best part of becoming a driving instructor is also the best – you get the chance to transfer your knowledge of this life skill to others, and help them out as well.

People who want to learn how to drive want to do so by learning from only the best. This is why people prefer mostly to get in touch with driving instructors from National Driving School. When we say this, the first question that may pop up in your mind maybe…

Why National Driving School?

National Driving School is proud to have a large pool of highly skilled professional driving instructors from Dublin who have a great amount of experience and patience, both of which are highly preferred skills in an awesome driving instructor. National Driving School is Dublin’s go-to option for people who want to be comfortable handling and taking the wheel. From being aware of traffic signals and lights to basic driving courtesy, everything gets covered in great detail so that the student is well prepped and ready to take on the road without any fear!

So how can one become a certified driving instructor?

The process of becoming a professional certified driving instructor varies from country to country, but this article aims at explaining how you can become a driving instructor in Ireland. To become a professional driving instructor, you need to go through a couple of tests and qualifications which mark you as suitable for the position.

Step Number 1 – Apply for an ADI permit

An ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) permit is the first step in becoming a driving instructor. This permit basically qualifies you and gives you the credibility to become a driving instructor, and lets your future students know what you have a legitimate permit, which will make you more trustworthy and reliable. The ADI permit can be filled out from the RSA or Road Safety Authority of Ireland.

Step Number 2 – Buckle up for a three-part driving test

This three-part driving test is also referred to as the three-part ADI test. This test aims at making sure that you have the theoretical knowledge, the driving ability and the ability to give instructions to the student, all of which are needed to become a professional driving instructor. What we would suggest is that you sign up with a highly reputable driving school like the National Driving School in Dublin, so that they can train you in all these three aspects and make sure that you pass the ADI test with flying colors.

For further understanding, let us break down the three different parts of the Approved Driving Instructor test so that you get a better idea of what you should expect –

The theory test – If you have ever given a learner’s license test at a driving school, passing this part of the test should be a piece of cake for you! The questions asked in this part of the test are pretty basic and cover the basic rules of driving. It tests your theoretical knowledge and makes sure you are aware of all the traffic rules and regulations.

The driving test – This is the practical round of the test where you are required to drive a vehicle around a given course with an examiner in the passenger seat. The purpose of this test is to see and judge your driving skills, your presence of mind and overall alertness and awareness on the road.

The Instruction test – This is the most interesting part of the test, in our opinion. Here, the person taking the test acts as a driving instructor and attempts to teach a student (who is a driving instructor himself). This little role-play activity gives the examiner a chance to see how the driving instructor is at his job. It lets them assess their teaching style and assures them that he or she can keep the students safe.

Step Number 3 – Register as an Approved Driving Instructor!

If you have passed the ADI test successfully (all the three test parts), then you are all set and ready to become a driving instructor. Now, all you have to do is register with the RSA (Road Safety Authority) of Ireland. Congratulations! You are now a registered Advanced Driving Instructor! Once you have completed all these three steps, you will receive your ADI permit and you can start teaching students and giving them the knowledge that you have.

Being a driving instructor is a job which has a great responsibility, and this is why it is best that you learn to do this under a reputable driving school which can give you all the tips and tricks to make your hobby a valid profession!

The Truth About Being A Driving Instructor In Ireland

Driving has now become a wholesome life skill for a lot of people these days. And why shouldn’t it be considered a life skill anyway? Driving is the one way people can independently navigate roads and public spaces on their own without relying on any other external agency or any other human being. If you learn how to drive, yo can not only drive yourself to places but also can do the same for your friends and families. Since people are looking forward to learning how to drive, the most common way for people to learn how to drive is by signing up with a driving school so that they can learn from a professional driving instructor. This way aspiring drivers get to learn from the best and turn out to be the most responsible and careful drivers on the streets. Most people in the Dublin area like to sign up with National Driving School because at National Driving School has a team of well trained and ADI approved driving instructors who are trained to teach all types of driving students in the most effective and linear way possible. If you enjoy driving and enjoy making money on your own terms, then becoming a professional driving instructor is the ideal job for you! If you have ever considered becoming a driving instructor but are just confused and don’t know where to start, then this article is the answer to all your questions. So sit back, read on and equip yourself with all the knowledge that you need.

First things first – How much money does a driving instructor in Ireland make?

Surveys and researches have shown us that for a driving instructor who is just starting out with giving lessons to students, the first year itis not uncommon for them to earn about 20 euros per hour. This rate does increase slowly but surely. A more experienced driving instructor will end up earning more than 20 euros per hour. The good news is that if you are looking at becoming a driving instructor in Dublin, you will be making a lot more compared to other geographical locations. In Dublin, a well-experienced driving instructor (who has experience of about 2-3 years) can easily earn about 45 euros per hour. Dublin boasts to have some of the highest payment rates for driving instructors in the world. But with this average age rates, it is difficult to give a fixed amount driving instructors will earn over a period of time because after all, the money you make also depends on a variety of other factors like –

  • How much money you earn per hour
  • How many hours you work in a day and ultimately, in a month
  • How much is your personal expense
  • Whether you work independently or with a driving school or organization

Should I get a driving school franchise?

But let’s answer this question first – what is a franchise? A franchise is when an individual pays a certain amount of money to use a well-known company’s name, logo and other credentials. The most common examples of franchises are fast food restaurants with multiple branches. Each of these branches run independently under the supervision of the franchise license, who can be one single individual or a group of people. Having a popular name behind you makes your brand seem more reliable and approachable which means that you will get more students signing up to learn how to drive from you. But while having a franchise does give you an increase in business, the only drawback of this system is that regardless of how much business you have had that month, you will still be required to pay a fixed amount. If you fail to pay this amount, then having a franchise is not a wise decision. Most freelancing driving instructors usually apply for franchise ownership as it is one of the easiest ways to get your name out there if you are just starting out.

What are the costs involved in getting a driving school franchise in Ireland?

The best part of signing up for a driving school franchise is that all that you need to conduct a driving lesson successfully in a professional manner. In Ireland, if you want a driving school franchise, the per week cost of an all-inclusive franchise will be about 170 to 250 euros. This price includes the car, the servicing for all parts of the car, car insurance, and the franchise fee. The only thing that is not covered by the franchise fee is the cost of fuel that the car will end up consuming.

Should I work independently or with a driving school?

Learning how to work independently can be tricky, especially when you are venturing into a completely new field. While working on your own terms and conditions and being your own boss does seem like a very enticing idea, it isn’t as simple as it seems. When you are working independently, you really are independent in every aspect of the word. If due to some unforeseen reason, have not managed to earn the minimum amount you need to live a sustainable life, then it can be very tricky and it can also have a major impact on most aspects of your life. Whereas if you are working with a reputed driving school (like National Driving School in Dublin), you gain the required work experience and have a stable income as well. This experience and financial support will go a long way when you are just starting out with venturing into the driving instructor world.

With that being said, if you have the faith and confidence in your business and driving skills, then you can work independently as well, but you must be highly aware of the risks involved as well.

How many hours should I work for?

This is a question with an answer that is subjective for everyone. Firstly, to determine how many hours you must work in a day, you must know what your personal expenses are as well. You must be able to earn enough at least to sustain yourself financially. If you are able to save apart from meeting your basic needs, then it is even better! The hours you put in for one day will determine how much money you will end up making, so the more, the better! Most driving instructor around the globe that are teaching independently take lessons for about three to four hours per day.

Is it better to rent out a car to teach how to drive, or to buy one?

Here’s the thing… While most people believe that buying a car is a one-time expense, but most often they forget that the life of a car is limited to a few years. And if you want a car for teaching purposes, you need to be prepared to service the car and over again so that it is in awesome condition. And you would know this – servicing a vehicle is an expensive affair. When you rent out a car, you will be free from all the maintenance stress and can use the car as and when you need it. You can also rent a car for as long as you want. You will also be able to deduct the renting fee of the car every month from your earnings, so the earning will be predictable as well. With owning a car come many other responsibilities which you may not be ready to undertake.

How much does it cost to qualify as a professional ADI approved instructor?

On average, to become an ADI approved professional driving instructor in Ireland, it may cost you about 3000 to 3500 euros. This cost is all inclusive of all the tuition fees, of all the fees of getting the official documents and licenses. As you can see, it is quite an investment to become a professional ADI approved driving instructor, so you should be very sure that this is the path you want to take. Once you have saved up the required amount, you are all set to embark on your journey to become a driving instructor.

we work closely with Ladybird driving school in relation to Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) training Course and recruit 20-25 trained driving instructors annually to join our teams..

Can I Book For My Drivers Test Without An Instructor?

Driving instructors are so popular for a reason. While there are many people out there who know how to drive, most people prefer to learn from an expert. This in no way means that people should not teach other people how to drive, but it simply means that driving instructors are trained to not only be excellent drivers and very alert and responsible but also in the skill of teaching. While it is possible for people to book for their driver’s test without a driving instructor, we would suggest that you definitely must invest in a great driving instructor as it increases your chances of passing the test substantially. Sure, it can be tempting to cut corners and save some of the cash you may have to spend on hiring a driving instructor, but trust us, this would count as money well spent.

Why must I hire a driving instructor?

Driving schools are huge today because they have an array of highly trained driving instructors in their organization. These driving instructors are trained specifically to teach novices and people who do not know anything about driving. Driving schools have all types of people signing up for their services – from people with absolutely no knowledge about driving to people who are comfortable behind the wheel but just want to improve their driving skills. Some schools like National Driving School in Dublin are well known for their comprehensive driving lessons, where equal importance is given to the theory as well as practical part of driving a car. National Driving School invests a lot of energy and resources into giving their students the best of driving knowledge in a manner which is easy to absorb and digest. Driving a vehicle, especially a four-wheeler can be tricky and daunting, but at National Driving School, this process has been made a lot simpler and more approachable.

Advantages of hiring a driving instructor –

1. Focused one-on-one interaction with the teacher

It really helps driving with a professional driving instructor in the car as they have the skill to correct some habits which might not be the best when you are just learning to drive. Having someone guide you through your initial driving experiences makes a lot of difference and affects your driving in a very positive manner.

2. In-depth theoretical knowledge

It is the job of a professional ADI approved driving instructor to know everything there is to learn about driving and teaching how to drive. Students, especially the curious and super interested ones, will always question and ask a lot of doubts. As a driving instructor, they need to be prepared to answer all these in the best and the most tactful manner.

3. Assured safety of the student when in the vehicle

Having a driving instructor with a student who is just learning how to drive is also a very safe scenario as they can step in whenever they need to and take the reigns, making sure nothing goes wrong

4. Assisted tutoring

The student has the chance to learn with a professional driving expert, and can also pick up some tips and tricks to enhance their driving techniques.

5. You get to learn from the best!

Learning from a professional is a treat as you get the chance to learn from the best in the field. A driving instructor is trained to make skilled and responsible drivers. Having this professional exposure from the get-go is very beneficial for the student.

How to find the right driving instructor for you?

There are some qualities you must look out for if you want to pass your driving test with flying colors. Those qualities are –

1. Patience

As a driving instructor, they need to be very patient, as different people have different capabilities and learning abilities. A good driving instructor must be very patient and easy going and not lose their temper whenever the student ends up making a mistake or messing up.

2. Alertness

A driving instructor has to be alert at all times, especially on the road as they need to make sure that the student is safe no matter what situation they are in. This is one of the most important traits of a great driving instructor in our opinion. Being alert on the road is very important as even the slightest negligence can cause the worst case scenario.

3. Reliable

A driving instructor is one who is teaching one of the most desired and sought after skill to their student. If they are not reliable, then no one would like to learn from them.

4. In-depth knowledge

Like any other skill, a teacher should have complete knowledge of their subject. Then why should this be any different for driving?

5. Good communication skills

Being able to communicate with the student is essential as only when you can communicate well can you instruct the student in terms of what they need to do.

6. Confident

Only when a driving instructor is able to exude confidence, is when the student will feel completely comfortable and can give it their best shot. Confidence is so important and so necessary.