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The Best Small Automatic Car You Must Buy

Automatic cars are all the rage these days because of the convenience and ease of driving that comes along with it. While driving your own car is something everyone wants to do, there are some limitations in driving a car in a city scenario. Drivers now want an automatic car which is powerful, fuel efficient and yet has a lot of power. People who don’t know how to drive yet sign up with driving schools like National Driving School which is in Dublin to learn all they need to know about driving a car. National Driving School gives its students a choice in what type of vehicle they want to learn how to drive – manual, automatic or even semi-automatic. Their driving school has professional ADI approved driving instructors who have been trained to handle all types of students with varying knowledge of the skill of driving.

Automatic cars have become increasingly popular these days. Not only there is one less foot pedal to worry about, but the people driving an automatic car do not have to worry about switching gears from time to time again and again while driving. People who drive automatic cars can now fully concentrate on the road and not worry about changing gears at all. And if you ask any manual car driver, they will most definitely say that the most tricky part about driving a car is the part where the driver is required to change gears over and over again when there is a significant change in the speed of the vehicle.

Why do people prefer automatic cars?

Driving is a great privilege as it lets you get around from one place to another without having to rely on any other person or any form of public transport. With this being said, due to the gradual improvement in technology and the world of automation, people have now figured out how to simplify the process of driving even further. Given below is a list of advantages of driving an automatic car.

  • The driver no longer has to change gears while he/she is driving
  • The driver does not have to worry about the clutch pedal anymore, just the brake and the accelerator
  • The driver can pay more undivided attention to the road
  • Stopping and starting due to traffic is now easier than ever!
  • Drivers who drive an automatic car have been known to have lower stress levels while driving

Now that we know of all the advantages of a great automatic vehicle, let us tell you some more about the best small automatic car in our opinion –

Skoda Fabia DSG

The Skoda Fabia DSG model in a sensibly sized hatchback which works on the automatic transmission, providing its driver with a smooth and stress-free ride. The reason why this car is so popular is that it meets all the requirements of the busy drivers who are always on the go and have to drive on busy city streets. Apart from giving the driver peace of mind and great driving experiences, on the whole, the car may seem small and compact, but the interiors are spacious and roomy, giving each passenger a lot of leg space and the promise of a comfortable ride.

Features of the Skoda Fabia DSG

Specifications –

  • It has a 1197cc engine with 4 inline turbocharged cylinders
  • The engine has a power of 108bhp and works at 4600 to 5600 rotations per minute
  • The engine can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 9.4 seconds
  • The topmost speed of this engine is 124 miles per hour
  • The car has 16-inch wide alloy wheels which are strong and sturdy
  • It had 7 different speeds which automatic transmission
  • It has a kerb weight of 1103 kilograms, making the car hefty and stable while in action
  • It has a ‘sports’ mode which makes the car a fun and entertaining ride
  • It has a great infotainment system (which includes a 6.5-inch wide touchscreen bang in the middle of the dashboard which lets you see the rear part of the car easily)
  • It had LED headlights
  • It also has rear parking sensors which allow you to back up/reverse carefully, avoiding any kind of mishaps
  • It has SmartLink technology – which means that syncing your phone to the systems of your car is now simpler than ever!
  • It has a 330 liter capacity of boot space
  • It has a high grip leather steering wheel
  • The car also comes along with a three-year-long warranty

The reason why people would go for the Skoda Fabia DSG vehicle is very simple – this car has the likes of a powerful vehicle coupled with the sensibility of city comforts and overall easy-going driving. Skoda Fabia DSG wines the title of the best small automatic transmission car hands down!

Will All Cars Be Automatic In The Future?

If you drive a car or are keen on learning how to drive one, then you would be knowing that there are 3 main types of cars out there – manual, automatic and semi-automatic. All three of these types of cars have their advantages and disadvantages but after weighing all the pros and cons and studying the buying behaviors of drivers, we have realized that automatic cars are the crowd favorites, hands down! Whenever an aspiring driver enrolls with a driving school for driving lessons, one of the first questions they are asked is whether they want to learn how to drive an automatic car or a manual car. Most reputed driving schools like National Driving School in Dublin are able to teach their students to drive both types of vehicles. National Driving School has a well-trained team of ADI approved driving instructors who have an appropriate amount of experience in driving manual as well as automatic cars. Automatic cars are becoming increasingly popular these days with the advancements of technology and auto But many car owners, especially those car owners who have never driven an automatic car before, would have one lingering question which they might ask all the time…what is so special about automatic cars and why does everyone think that it is the future of the automobile industry? If you are one of those people who keeps asking these questions, then keep reading on!

Why are automatic cars so popular?

If you ever drive an automatic car, you will immediately understand why people love automatic cars and what the hype is all about. The cars with automatic transmission gearboxes basically handle all the stress of changing gears for you. When you drive an automatic vehicle, since you don’t have to change gears all the time, you can finally pay a hundred percent attention to the road. Some people say that the most challenging part about driving a car is handling the steering wheel as well as taking care of changing the gears as well. One more plus point of automatic cars is that these vehicles only have two pedals – the brake and the accelerator. The clutch is redundant in the automatic car, which means that it reduces the stress and confusion while driving a car by a significant amount. Automatic cars are just easier to drive in heavy city traffic, which explains why more and more people are going for these vehicles and why they are growing so popular amongst people who want to buy cars.

Why are automatic cars the future of the automobile industry?

Since automatic cars are still a new development, the majority of vehicles running on the streets are still working on manual transmission. But studying the current trends of people buying new cars, it is evidently clear that more and more people are opting for the automatic transmission option. In fact, if the car buying trends remain the way that they are going right now, it is quite possible that in the next 20 years, manual cars will be completely irrelevant and only semi-automatic and automatic cars will be ruling the streets.

Let’s take Japan for example. It is by far the most technologically savvy country that exists today. About 90% of their car production is focused entirely on automatic vehicles. Europe is still a bit slow in its transition from manual to automatic cars, but we are sure that in a few years, this will be changing drastically as well. It is also predicted that the dual clutch system will be gaining a lot of popularity in the next 5-10 years as well. So it is safe to say that in about 30 years, manual cars would be the equivalent of an extinct bird or animal.

We can’t really predict whether the production of manual cars will be stopped completely in the next few decades. But what we can confirm is that in the coming years, the purchasing of manual cars will slowly reduce, making automatic and semi-automatic cars the kings of the roads. Automobile companies are also working on a variety of hybrid electric cars which the masses seem to love, so the decline in buying manual cars obviously makes a lot of sense.

We are a generation of comfort and convenience, and most people are willing to pay whatever price they are asked if they are promised their leisure and peace of mind. Automatic vehicles do just that. They offer a simpler and more stress-free way of driving at a particular price. And by the looks of it, people seem to be loving these automatic transmission cars!

How To Jumpstart An Automatic Car?

Owning a car comes with a lot of responsibility. When you sign up for buying a car of your own, you are also signing up for a whole lot of responsibility. By this, we mean that along with the pleasures of driving your own car, you also get faced with certain maintenance issues from time to time. To combat these issues like a pro, the best idea is to read up about the potential problems or pain points of owning a car of your own. In this article, we will read more about the problems that come along with owning an automatic car, namely the issue of jumpstarting an automatic car.

A good practice of being well prepared for all the responsibilities that come along with owning your own automatic car is most definitely joining a professional driving school. In Dublin, more and more people are signing up with reputed driving schools like National Driving School so that they can learn all about driving as well as car ownership (manual or automatic) from professional driving instructors who are trained to deal with all types of situations. These driving instructors are ADI approved and possess all the knowledge and skills to transform an automobile newbie to an automobile expert. Not only will you learn the dos and don’ts of driving a car and rules and regulations of the road, but you will also get insider tips on how to take the best care of your vehicle.

Why should I know how to jumpstart my automatic car?

This is something every automatic car owner must know because chances are that at some point of car ownership, you are going to leave the lights of your car own, draining the battery, or you might have to deal with the dying power of your car battery sooner or later. The sooner you equip yourself with the knowledge of being able to jumpstart your automatic car, the more prepared you will be in case of a sticky situation. It is also trickier to jumpstart an automatic car whose battery is dead compared to a manual one. For a manual car, a simple push is enough to get the car rolling and started eventually. But the matter isn’t so simple for an automatic car. This is why we have written this article so that more automatic car owners understand what needs to be done in a situation like that.

How to jumpstart my automatic car?

There are a few tried and tested methods to jumpstart an automatic car. Here, we will elaborate on the most popular and effective methods –

1. Pushing the car

While pushing an automatic car may not be the most effective way to jumpstart it, there is a certain technique you could use to make sure the car can start correctly. When you want to jumpstart your automatic car, make sure that there is an empty road in front of you. You also need to make sure that the car is in the second gear and that the hand brake has been released completely. You can then ask your friends to start pushing the car. Once the car is moving and has enough momentum, the person sitting in the driver seat should turn on the ignition. If the car still does not start, then in your next attempt, you can also try stepping on the gas pedal to accelerate the motion of the car. If you follow these steps well and to the T, the chances of your automatic car jumpstarting will be very high.

2. Connecting the car to another working one

This method is also alternatively called tapping some power from another working car to get your stalled automatic car going. For this method, you will need jumpstart cables and a well functioning car. Park the well-charged car near the one which needs to be jumpstarted. The two cars need to be close to each other so that the jumpstart cables can reach both the car batteries. Now pop the hoods of both the cars, find the batteries of these cars and clean the connectors well so that the jumpstart cables can be connected to both the batteries easily. Car batteries have two sides – positive and negative. The positive side is usually in red and the negative side is usually black. Now you have to attach the red cable to the positive side of the working car and the other end of the cable to the positive side of the battery that is no longer working. Similarly, attach the black part of the cable to the negative side of the working car’s battery, and the other end of the cable to any metal part of the car that isn’t working. Now that all these connections have been made, you have to start the car which is working and keep the engine running for about half an hour. This process is basically done for recharging the car with the dead battery. Switch off the working car and try starting the car with the dead battery. If you have followed the steps correctly, the car should start right about now. Now that your car had been jumpstarted, you can disconnect the jump start cables.

How Do Automatic Cars Work?

There are many different types of cars these days, but the most common types are manual and automatic cars. As technology has gotten more advanced, more types of cars have been created like hybrid and electric cars, but manual and automatic cars seem to be the most popular ones in today’s time. Manual and automatic cars both have their own advantages and based on popular demand, these cars are the ones that mostly run on the streets.

These days, the demand for people wanting to take driving lessons has increased immensely. For teenagers, driving a car on their own is a very big rite of passage. For others, it is a sign of freedom and independence. In the Dublin area, most people who want to learn how to drive flock to National Driving School as it has many great reviews and has produced a large number of responsible and great drivers. At National Driving School, each student gets the option of learning how to drive a manual car or an automatic car. This choice is often based on what car the student has back home, but most drivers also choose what to learn to drive based on ease and accessibility. National Driving School has a professional and well-trained team of driving instructors who aim to bring out the best of driving abilities of the students. If students want to learn how to drive an automatic car, it is a good idea to thoroughly understand all the intricate details of the car so that in case anything goes wrong, they can take certain steps to correct the situation. This is why this article aims to explain the working of an automatic transmission gearbox.

How does automatic car work?

Most people who drive manual cars are stunned by the fact that in an automatic car, you no longer have to switch gears while driving. This really simplifies the process of driving as most people struggle with the changing gears bit when they are driving. When this tricky part is removed, driving on a whole becomes easier and more enjoyable. But how does the car even do it? This is all due to the incredible design and planning of the automatic transmission gearbox.

So let’s break down the functioning of an automatic gearbox, shall we?

In basic terms, the engine of your car is connected to the automatic transmission gearbox at the bell housing. Now you may ask, what is bell housing? The bell housing is basically where the torque converter is for automatic vehicles. For manual vehicles, the bell housing is in the clutch. This is why automatic cars do not have a clutch pedal because, for the automatic transmission gearbox, it is completely redundant.

What is a torque converter? It firstly connects the engine to the automatic (or manual) transmission and gets the wheels of the car going. An automatic transmission consists of planetary gearsets which are responsible for regulating the gears while driving. They provide different gear ratios for different speeds of the car. If there are no gear ratios, then the car will only be able to run at one constant speed, something which isn’t desirable and is also highly dangerous.

The torque converter

The torque converter usually consists of 4 parts – the impeller, the turbine, the stator, and the lock-up clutch. Now let’s describe each of these 4 parts of the torque converter. The impeller is the part of the torque converter which is connected to the engine. The turbine is something which runs on viscous force. It also is the part which is connected to the input shaft. Fluid forces are what drive the engine and ultimately rotate the turbine. This whole process is how the torque gets received by the automatic transmission. The fluids which generate torque are constantly being circulated between the impeller and the turbine. The stator is the part of the torque converter which is between the turbine and the impeller. Its purpose is to reduce as much churning losses as possible. It also helps in the redirection of the fluid forces to the turbine and the impeller. The stator in no way increases or multiplies the torque, but it does provide with some additional torque when you are pressing on the brakes of the car or when you are accelerating the car. The lock-up clutch is something which ensures that the turbine and the impeller are connected mechanically. This mechanical connection is very important as it makes sure that the torque of the engine is being sent to the input shaft at all times.

The planetary gearset

Now that we have an understanding of how the transmission receives power from the engine, let’s try and understand the concept of planetary gearsets. The reason why it is referred to as the planetary gearset is that it consists of one big wheel in the center and several small wheels around it, like the planets in our solar system. The whole concept of this gear set is that by using the brakes and accelerator,you can control how the movement of certain parts of the gearset. This way you can limit the movement of some wheels, resulting in changing gears. This is how different gear ratios are controlled. This is a unique gear system which is exclusive to the automatic transmission.

Are Automatic Cars More Expensive To Tax?

If you step out of your home, you will most definitely see cars on the street. This goes to show that with the increase in advancements of technology, the automobile industry has definitely gone through a major boom. There are cars everywhere, and there are people who want to learn how to drive these cars all the time. Because of this high demand of people wanting to learn how to drive, driving schools have become extremely popular. In Dublin especially, aspiring drivers flock up to National Driving School to learn the skill of driving from a professional and reliable source. But is there any specific reason why people love National Driving School so much? Oh yes, there is! Not only are all the driving instructors trained and ADI approved, but the school also gives its students an option to learn how to drive any type of vehicle that is convenient for them. Want to learn how to drive an automatic car? No worries, National Driving School has got you covered. Want to learn how to drive the classic stickshift manual transmission car? You can do that too! At National Driving School in Dublin, you can be sure that you are learning at ease, and are learning from the best.

What should I choose – Automatic or Manual Transmission?

This is a question which isn’t so easy to answer. This choice depends heavily on what you want from your car. Do you want to drive a car which is very easy and simple to handle and has minimum complications? Then it sounds like you are looking for the ease of driving an automatic. When you drive an automatic car, you no longer have to worry about changing the gears while you are handling the steering wheel as well. The automatic transmission of the car handles it for you! Also when you are driving an automatic vehicle you no longer have to care about the clutch pedal. You just have to care about the brake and the accelerator, which really does simplify the process of driving a whole lot. But while an automatic car is easy and really simple to handle, the manual car does have a lot of advantages as well. Well firstly, with a manual transmission gearbox, you end up saving a lot of money on fuel. And when people are able to drive a manual car, they are more prepared to drive any other kind of vehicle. One more reason why people may prefer manual cars over automatic ones is that manual cars are way cheaper to tax and get insurance on as compared to automatic cars.

Why are automatic cars more expensive to tax than manual cars?

It is a known fact that automatic cars are a lot less fuel efficient as compared to their manual counterparts. Since automatic cars are less fuel efficient, they tend to have a lot more carbon emissions as compared to manual cars. But since automatic cars are also easier and more convenient to drive, more and more people are getting gravitated towards these cars and want to drive these automatic vehicles. Not many people are paying attention to the environmental impact of these automatic cars, but are only paying attention to the convenience factor of automatic cars. This environmental impact is huge but no one pays any attention to it. One way people will pay attention to this massive impact is when they will be charged a significantly higher amount for the taxation as compared to any other manual vehicle.

Does the amount one has to pay for car insurance depend on what type of ar you have?

Yes, it does. The amount you pay for your car insurance depends on a few factors, but one of the main ones is whether your car is an automatic transmission or a manual transmission. Apart from just the gearbox, also the type of license the car owner holds determines the money you will have to spend on your car insurance. In Ireland, it has been found that the insurance, as well as the tax for automatic vehicles, have been about 4-6% higher than that of manual cars. This increase in price is because of the high cost of maintenance of automatic cars and also because automatic vehicles release a higher volume of harmful carbon emissions as compared to the other manual transmission counterparts.

While automatic cars have their own set of highly desirable advantages, they do come at a higher cost. The way the vehicles have been built requires them to consume more fuel, hence raising the overall expenditure of owning a car.

Are Automatic Cars Faster Than Manual Cars?

These days if you step into the streets, it is a rare sight when if you don’t spot any cars on the road. When the invention of cars first took off, people only had the option of buying manual cars. Those are the cars with the common stickshift manual gearboxes which needed gears to be changed constantly while driving. But now as technology has improved substantially, especially in the automobile industry, the invention of automatic and semi-automatic cars have changed the face of driving these days. Nowadays, everyone wants to learn how to drive a vehicle (manual and automatic, but the increase in popularity of automatic cars has resulted in more people wanting to learn how to drive automatic vehicles) and the most common way for them to do so is by enrolling themselves with a driving school and take driving lessons. These driving lessons are immensely helpful as they not only teach the student how to drive a car but also teach them about the technical aspects of the car so that they know about their vehicle and handle it better. National Driving School in Dublin is a very reputed and popular driving school and teenagers who are 17 and older can register with it to learn how to drive and cross yet another rite of passage. The driving instructors at National Driving School are well trained to deal with students of all ages and backgrounds and are also ADI approved, which means that they are armed with all the information a new driver may need to be a safe and responsible driver on the road. After all, a bad driver can be fatal for the people sitting in the car and also other people who are on the road.

What is a manual car?

A manual car is the type of car which requires the driver to change gears while driving. The gearbox has a stick shift which has to be moved from one gear to another any time the speed of the vehicle changes. It is one of the most common types of cars out there over the world. The switching of gears solely depends on the driver. A manual car also features a clutch pedal. So the driver of a manual car has to alternate between the clutch, brake, and accelerator with his or her feet when they are driving a manual vehicle. The most common manual car prototype consists of five gear speeds between which the driver alternates during the course of driving. Manual cars generally are cheaper than automatic cars. These types of cars are also way more fuel efficient compared to their automatic counterparts. The overall low cost and efficiency of the manual car are what keeps drivers drawn to this type of vehicle. While some people might find driving a manual car cumbersome, it sure does have some very strong advantages which keep pulling patrons to its side.

Advantages of owning a manual car –

  • High fuel efficiency
  • Simple mechanical functions, hence easier to maintain
  • Cheaper than automatic cars
  • The driver has more control over the vehicle
  • The engine is better lubricated
  • It is easier to jump-start a manual car

What is an automatic car?

An automatic car is a type of car which does not rely on the driver for the purpose of changing gears. By this, we mean that the gearbox is completely automated and designed in a way such that gears can switch automatically as and when the speed of the car changes. An automatic car has the modes P, R, N and D marked on it (Park, Reverse, Neutral and Drive) which enable the driver to alternate between the different modes of driving, but he or she does not actively have to focus on the process of switching gears as the automatic gearbox takes care of this for them. It has been noted that drivers who use an automatic car have relatively stress free driving experience as they can give their undivided attention to the steering wheel, which also means that the chances of road accidents also reduce a lot. In an automatic vehicle, the clutch has no importance, so the driver also has one less foot pedal to worry about, simplifying the process of driving a car.

Advantages of owning an automatic car –

  • The driver does not have to change gears
  • There is no clutch pedal
  • Full undivided attention is given to the steering wheel
  • Driving becomes simplified
  • Stress-free driving experience

Is an automatic car faster than a manual car?

While many people believe that regular manual cars are most efficient, this statement does not hold true anymore, thanks to the major advancements in automobile technology. Sure automatic cars have their own drawbacks, but in terms of performance, it can definitely hold its own. The automatic cars created these days have kept the aspect of speed, ease of driving and accelerating ability in mind and have created a better automatic gearbox which functions better than the manual ones. Manual cars are a lot of effort, and the automatic cars created these days are a lot simpler to drive. They accelerate and speed up way quicker than manual cars, making them a crowd favourite. One important factor to keep in mind is that the consumer demand for automatic cars is so high, which has pushed automobile companies to come up with better and more efficient automatic gearboxes which are way better than their manual counterparts.

How Do You Drive An Automatic Car?

If you know how to drive a manual car, then driving an automatic car is a piece of cake. In a manual vehicle, you have three foot pedals – the clutch, brake, and accelerator. In a manual car, you are required to change gears manually, whereas, in a manual car, the gears change automatically. This takes the pressure off for drivers to change gears over and over again while driving a car. The only thing is that if you learn to drive with an automatic car, then switching over to manual driving isn’t the simplest, but it also is not impossible. It would require some getting used to and a lot of practice. While you don’t have to worry about changing gears in an automatic vehicle, you will have to pay attention to the modes you use while driving. If you enroll with a professional driving school like National Driving School in Dublin, you will be well taken care of the small aspects which make or break the driving habits of a person. When it comes t any motor skill like driving a car or a bike, the fundamental basics are extremely important. When you join National Driving School, you will be taught how to drive any type of vehicle – manual or automatic – and this decision will be based on what type of car you will be mostly exposed to. If you own a manual car, it would make the most sense to learn how to drive that, and vice versa.

What is the difference between a manual car and an automatic car?

The main difference between an automatic and a manual car is the way one shifts gears. While in a manual car, the driver has to change gears constantly while they are driving, in an automatic car the driver does not have to do this. The gears change automatically according to the speed of the vehicle. Also in an automatic car, there are only the brake and the accelerator pedals, not the clutch, unlike the manual car. The manual car has the clutch, brake and accelerator pedals. Instead of having these three, an automatic car only has the two said pedals. Also, automatic cars are more expensive than manual cars. While an automatic car has a gearstick, the stick has P R N and D modes (Park, Reverse, Neutral and Drive). In terms of ease of driving, driving an automatic car is way easier than driving a manual car.

How can one learn how to drive an automatic car?

Driving an automatic car is fairly simple, but there are a few things you must keep in mind before you start driving on the road.

Starting your automatic car – When you want to start your automatic car, you just need to keep the gearstick on Park and keep your foot on the brake pedal. When you have the car on Park and your foot on the brake pedal, you are ready to put the key in and start your car.

How to make your car move forward – Now that you have started your car, it is time for you to slowly move from Park to Drive. While you have moved from one mode to another, you will have to slowly release your foot from the brake pedal. Now that your car is moving forward, you can start stepping on the gas or the accelerator. Now your car is moving! You don’t even have to worry about changing gears now, the car will do it for you automatically.

How to slow your car down – Slowing down is very simple. You just need to stop hitting the accelerator. Depending on how quickly you want to slow down, you can even hit the brakes. This is how you can even stop your car from moving.

Reversing your car – When you want to reverse your car, you need to make sure your car has stopped completely. Now with your foot still on the brake pedal, you have to switch from drive to reverse mode. When you have done this, you can now move your foot from the brake pedal to the gar/accelerator pedal. Your car will now reverse. Just be careful about your path being clear and not banging into anything.

How to park your car once you’re done driving – You need to halt your car completely in the position you want to park your car. Now once that the car has stopped moving, you have to change the gearstick to the P. Now you can take the keys out of the car and voila! You have successfully parked your car.

Things to keep in mind while driving an automatic car –

While driving an automatic can be quite simple and pleasurable, there are some things that you must avoid at all circumstances to do when you are the owner of an automatic car. Here is a list of things you must be extremely careful about while driving an automatic car –

  • Never move down a steep slope when you are on neutral mode. While it may be tempting to use gravity and save some gas, it really isn’t worth the turmoil that it puts the car through. When you do this, your transmission system does not get the lubrication it requires as the oil supply gets cut off.
  • Avoid revving the engine over and over again, especially before switching gears. This causes a lot of friction in the automatic transmission system and harms the engine in the long run.
  • Do not switch to the neutral mode when you are stopping briefly, like when you are at a red light.
  • Do not move to park mode before you have ensured that the car is completely still.
  • Do not forget to warm up the engine before you head out for a long day of driving. This rule holds most important when it is cold out.

Can You Drive A Manual Car With An Automatic License?

When you step into the world of driving and automobiles, one of the first things that you’ll notice is that there are two types of vehicles – manual and automatic. now, because of the convenience of driving an automatic car is so much more rewarding, more and more people are buying these cars and not the manual ones. But why exactly are people choosing automatic cars over manual ones? The answer is simple – one of the trickiest parts of driving a car is switching gears. Driving a car becomes way simpler when the element of switching gears is removed altogether.

At National Driving School, the driving instructors are ADI approved and they give you the option of choosing what type of car you want to learn to drive. While most people are going for learning how to drive an automatic car, most driving schools like National Driving School and ADI approved driving instructors suggest that students must start learning how to drive with a manual car because once they learn how to drive a manual car, they can very simply switch to driving an automatic car as well. Manual cars are slightly trickier than automatic cars, but the effort is worth it, in the opinion of leading driving schools like the infamous school in Dublin called National Driving School.

Difference between a manual car and an automatic car –

As we have discussed this point earlier as well, the biggest difference between an automatic and a manual car is the fact that in a manual car, the gears have to be shifted manually by the person who is driving, whereas in an automatic transmission car, the shifting of gears happens automatically. This lets the driver focus on the wheel more than the gear stick, which means more responsible drivers on the street! Another big difference is that while in a manual car there is three pedal where your feet are (clutch, brake, and accelerator), in an automatic car there are only two – the brake and the accelerator. The clutch pedal is non-existent in the automatic cars. Instead of having different gears on the gearstick, the automatic vehicle has different modes on the gearstick. These modes include Park, Reverse, Neutral and Drive. These modes are pretty simple to understand and you just need to change from one mode to another depending on whether you are driving, parking, reversing or halting the car.

While in a manual car, a lot of practice is required to master handling the wheel as well as changing the gears, in an automatic car the driver does not have to worry about the gears at all, which makes it way easier car to drive and master.

Can I drive a manual car if I have an automatic car license?

If you mean to not break the law, then no, you cannot drive a manual car if you only have an automatic car license. The reason why this rule is in place makes a lot of sense. To get an automatic car license, you need to pass the driving test while using an automatic vehicle. No one will be testing your manual car driving skills when you are applying for an automatic license. But if you want to now switch to driving a manual car, you can upgrade your automatic license. But before you upgrade from an automatic car license to a manual car license, you need to undergo a complete training in how to drive a manual car. Only when the driving instructors are convinced that you can drive a manual car will you be eligible for upgrading to a manual driving license.

If you possess a driving license which is only valid for automatic cars, you can easily upgrade it for a manual one by passing a practical manual car driving test. It is suggested that before you go ahead and give the test, the student should prepare for this test by driving a manual car or by attending proper manual car driving lessons with a reputed driving school like National Driving School in Dublin. If you choose to professionally learn how to drive a manual car, you can do so using your existing provisional license itself. You would not have to apply for a new provisional license at all! When you are booking yourself for the driving test, you would not be required to give the theory part of the test, just the practical part. This saves time and makes the process of upgrading your license a whole lot easier! In case you are unable to pass the manual practical driving test, you can still continue driving your automatic car. And if you do pass it, congratulations! You can now drive a manual car!