Are Automatic Cars More Expensive To Tax?

If you step out of your home, you will most definitely see cars on the street. This goes to show that with the increase in advancements of technology, the automobile industry has definitely gone through a major boom. There are cars everywhere, and there are people who want to learn how to drive these cars all the time. Because of this high demand of people wanting to learn how to drive, driving schools have become extremely popular. In Dublin especially, aspiring drivers flock up to National Driving School to learn the skill of driving from a professional and reliable source. But is there any specific reason why people love National Driving School so much? Oh yes, there is! Not only are all the driving instructors trained and ADI approved, but the school also gives its students an option to learn how to drive any type of vehicle that is convenient for them. Want to learn how to drive an automatic car? No worries, National Driving School has got you covered. Want to learn how to drive the classic stickshift manual transmission car? You can do that too! At National Driving School in Dublin, you can be sure that you are learning at ease, and are learning from the best.

What should I choose – Automatic or Manual Transmission?

This is a question which isn’t so easy to answer. This choice depends heavily on what you want from your car. Do you want to drive a car which is very easy and simple to handle and has minimum complications? Then it sounds like you are looking for the ease of driving an automatic. When you drive an automatic car, you no longer have to worry about changing the gears while you are handling the steering wheel as well. The automatic transmission of the car handles it for you! Also when you are driving an automatic vehicle you no longer have to care about the clutch pedal. You just have to care about the brake and the accelerator, which really does simplify the process of driving a whole lot. But while an automatic car is easy and really simple to handle, the manual car does have a lot of advantages as well. Well firstly, with a manual transmission gearbox, you end up saving a lot of money on fuel. And when people are able to drive a manual car, they are more prepared to drive any other kind of vehicle. One more reason why people may prefer manual cars over automatic ones is that manual cars are way cheaper to tax and get insurance on as compared to automatic cars.

Why are automatic cars more expensive to tax than manual cars?

It is a known fact that automatic cars are a lot less fuel efficient as compared to their manual counterparts. Since automatic cars are less fuel efficient, they tend to have a lot more carbon emissions as compared to manual cars. But since automatic cars are also easier and more convenient to drive, more and more people are getting gravitated towards these cars and want to drive these automatic vehicles. Not many people are paying attention to the environmental impact of these automatic cars, but are only paying attention to the convenience factor of automatic cars. This environmental impact is huge but no one pays any attention to it. One way people will pay attention to this massive impact is when they will be charged a significantly higher amount for the taxation as compared to any other manual vehicle.

Does the amount one has to pay for car insurance depend on what type of ar you have?

Yes, it does. The amount you pay for your car insurance depends on a few factors, but one of the main ones is whether your car is an automatic transmission or a manual transmission. Apart from just the gearbox, also the type of license the car owner holds determines the money you will have to spend on your car insurance. In Ireland, it has been found that the insurance, as well as the tax for automatic vehicles, have been about 4-6% higher than that of manual cars. This increase in price is because of the high cost of maintenance of automatic cars and also because automatic vehicles release a higher volume of harmful carbon emissions as compared to the other manual transmission counterparts.

While automatic cars have their own set of highly desirable advantages, they do come at a higher cost. The way the vehicles have been built requires them to consume more fuel, hence raising the overall expenditure of owning a car.

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