Are Automatic Cars Faster Than Manual Cars?

These days if you step into the streets, it is a rare sight when if you don’t spot any cars on the road. When the invention of cars first took off, people only had the option of buying manual cars. Those are the cars with the common stickshift manual gearboxes which needed gears to be changed constantly while driving. But now as technology has improved substantially, especially in the automobile industry, the invention of automatic and semi-automatic cars have changed the face of driving these days. Nowadays, everyone wants to learn how to drive a vehicle (manual and automatic, but the increase in popularity of automatic cars has resulted in more people wanting to learn how to drive automatic vehicles) and the most common way for them to do so is by enrolling themselves with a driving school and take driving lessons. These driving lessons are immensely helpful as they not only teach the student how to drive a car but also teach them about the technical aspects of the car so that they know about their vehicle and handle it better. National Driving School in Dublin is a very reputed and popular driving school and teenagers who are 17 and older can register with it to learn how to drive and cross yet another rite of passage. The driving instructors at National Driving School are well trained to deal with students of all ages and backgrounds and are also ADI approved, which means that they are armed with all the information a new driver may need to be a safe and responsible driver on the road. After all, a bad driver can be fatal for the people sitting in the car and also other people who are on the road.

What is a manual car?

A manual car is the type of car which requires the driver to change gears while driving. The gearbox has a stick shift which has to be moved from one gear to another any time the speed of the vehicle changes. It is one of the most common types of cars out there over the world. The switching of gears solely depends on the driver. A manual car also features a clutch pedal. So the driver of a manual car has to alternate between the clutch, brake, and accelerator with his or her feet when they are driving a manual vehicle. The most common manual car prototype consists of five gear speeds between which the driver alternates during the course of driving. Manual cars generally are cheaper than automatic cars. These types of cars are also way more fuel efficient compared to their automatic counterparts. The overall low cost and efficiency of the manual car are what keeps drivers drawn to this type of vehicle. While some people might find driving a manual car cumbersome, it sure does have some very strong advantages which keep pulling patrons to its side.

Advantages of owning a manual car –

  • High fuel efficiency
  • Simple mechanical functions, hence easier to maintain
  • Cheaper than automatic cars
  • The driver has more control over the vehicle
  • The engine is better lubricated
  • It is easier to jump-start a manual car

What is an automatic car?

An automatic car is a type of car which does not rely on the driver for the purpose of changing gears. By this, we mean that the gearbox is completely automated and designed in a way such that gears can switch automatically as and when the speed of the car changes. An automatic car has the modes P, R, N and D marked on it (Park, Reverse, Neutral and Drive) which enable the driver to alternate between the different modes of driving, but he or she does not actively have to focus on the process of switching gears as the automatic gearbox takes care of this for them. It has been noted that drivers who use an automatic car have relatively stress free driving experience as they can give their undivided attention to the steering wheel, which also means that the chances of road accidents also reduce a lot. In an automatic vehicle, the clutch has no importance, so the driver also has one less foot pedal to worry about, simplifying the process of driving a car.

Advantages of owning an automatic car –

  • The driver does not have to change gears
  • There is no clutch pedal
  • Full undivided attention is given to the steering wheel
  • Driving becomes simplified
  • Stress-free driving experience

Is an automatic car faster than a manual car?

While many people believe that regular manual cars are most efficient, this statement does not hold true anymore, thanks to the major advancements in automobile technology. Sure automatic cars have their own drawbacks, but in terms of performance, it can definitely hold its own. The automatic cars created these days have kept the aspect of speed, ease of driving and accelerating ability in mind and have created a better automatic gearbox which functions better than the manual ones. Manual cars are a lot of effort, and the automatic cars created these days are a lot simpler to drive. They accelerate and speed up way quicker than manual cars, making them a crowd favourite. One important factor to keep in mind is that the consumer demand for automatic cars is so high, which has pushed automobile companies to come up with better and more efficient automatic gearboxes which are way better than their manual counterparts.

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