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Driving Lessons Dublin

Since 1992 National Driving School has forged ahead of all competition and having won numerous awards along the way , we are now positioned to take you and your driving needs to the next level. We have elevated ourselves to become a household name and the leading provider of driving lessons in Dublin and throughout Ireland. Let’s partner our Elite Instructors with your requirements and make this journey a memorable one. See you soon

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    Learn To Drive

    Get the best driving lessons from the best trained and skilled instructors and increase your chances to pass the driving test at your first attempt.

    NDS Training

    Get trained and learn the skills which will make you an Elite instructor. Learn now and earn tomorrow with our training program from scratch.

    Become An Instructor

    Choose your career with us and become an instructor of our prestigious NDS training centre. Join us to get your placement in one of our centres.

    How It Works


    Start with us

    We will see and assess your starting point and then start with your required driving lessons.


    Find your instructor

    We will put you in touch with the instructor nearest to you from one of our training centres to start your driving lessons ASAP.


    Pass the test

    Irrespective of your starting point, we will make you profound in driving and teach you all the aspects.

    Professional Driver Training Dublin

    Dublin driving lessons with professionals

    You must be seeing others finding difficulty in either learning to drive or passing the test later. But why does that happen? What are the shortcomings that create issues which further restricts us to get on the road? Well, we know the answer. It is different for everyone. Everyone learns at a different pace and speed, some are quick to learn others not so quick. Here, we work on that basis and make you learn every bit of what is required. We identify the shortcomings and then help you solve it and then excel. Be quicker than others and pass the driving test in least amount of time. 

    Book your driving lessons now

    We have the most professional instructors to help you with the excitement of driving for the first time. We make sure that you are updated with all the latest features of a car and know how to use them as well. We provide you with the vehicle most suitable for you to learn which would comfort you coupled with a friendly instructor who will keep you relaxed and will instruct you each step of the way. Book your driving lessons today and get started now with your EDT driving lessons which will eventually make you pass the test easily, with a greater score and at your first attempt.

    Book Your Driving Lessons

    Get your training programme to become a Qualified RSA ADI instructor

    We have a specially designed driver training program who all who are aspiring to become driving instructors. Our program is fully RSA accredited for which you need to qualify. Also, there are many requirements that you need to fulfil to become an instructor like the person must have the clean driving license experience for at least 2 years and have tax clearance. But if you are not aware of the specifications then don’t worry, we will guide you for the procedure and even help you get through all the criteria.

    Become a Driving Instructor Ireland

    NDS Driving School Dublin Near You

    Now that you have decided to get a driving license for you, you can find the National Driving School training centre in your city and in nearby location with varied services and packages for your overall driving skill enhancement. Contact us now to get complete knowledge regarding the procedures of driving test.

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    We all know the advice by now, wash your hands, practice good  respiratory hygiene when coughing and sneezing. Maintain social distancing and avoid touching eyes,mouth etc. We follow strict in car hygiene policy cleaning our cars before, during and after lessons, Masks are always worn by both parties and hand gel is provided before and after the lesson.

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