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An ELITE instructor assesses very quickly what the tester wont like and focuses Solely on them weaknesses until they are fixed.



Kevin Horgan Driving Instructor in DublinFirst and foremost, thank you for visiting my website. Making the decision about who you feel will best suit your learning needs should be taken seriously. I am proud to train you as you work to pass your driving  test.

Having the highest passrate in Dublin is quite an achievement and i can boast the highest amount of genuine reviews 209 in total which i believe is the highest in the world. You can view these here.

National Driving School has been operating in Dublin for 22 years, overseen by myself  Kevin Horgan. Throughout these 22 years i  have been committed to servicing test centers in and around Dublin. Over the years, i  have witnessed a great deal of changes in driving laws and licensing programs. Many hopeful driving instructors have trained with me as well and i hold a 100% instructor passrate for the National  ADI exams.  I believe that I have a distinct edge because of  my level of  experience and reputation and  because I grew up in a driving school that my father set up and who founded this program in the 1970s. Im not going to bore you with the list of qualifications as long as my arm i just prefer to let my passrate do the talking instead.

Why do my pupils pass first time?

My pupils pass first time because,

  • I show them how the tester wants them to drive,
  • I break it down into simple steps and show them how to prioritise their junctions so that the tester is happy,
  • I give them a demonstration drive showing them how to do the manouvers,
  • I make sure they know the testers marking sheet inside out,
  • I speak to them the same way the tester will speak,
  • I show them how the tester profiles their driving,
  • I give them an inside track as to why the tester marks the sheet and most importantly i bring them through an exact Mock Test scenario that exposes weaknesses to me so i can fix their mistakes before the test itself.
  • I fix their driving habits quickly and only focus on the bigger issues they have.

Teaching or guiding pupils (my preferred term), to pass the driving test is something I find extremley easy and this type of work gives me a great deal of satisfaction. I enjoy taking students from the beginner level to the point where they walk out of their driving test having passed with ease. Like any business, I get calls every week from bargain hunters that would like free lessons, but the majority of calls come from people who have been led to my service by previous students who passed their driver’s exam under my instruction first time over the last 20 years.

I only offer 20 hours of quality tuition each week because this provides me with the luxury of choosing clients that I believe would truly need my help. It also ensures that i  will put as much time and energy into the training as I could possibly provide.Alot of others try and cram 40 hours in and end up running late or cancelling appointments.

I didn’t build my reputation and pass rate on offering gimmicks. An Elite  driving instructor like myself does not need to cut the price to attract students. In most cases, advertisements don’t mention the price at all. If you are serious about passing your driving  test first time  then I will do whatever it takes to make that a reality. Those that are interested may Google “national driving school reviews kevin” to get a feel for what I mean.


Train you so you pass, Promote me so i grow


If you have your test coming up then you probably need to know how to pass it.

20 years ago i was told to see your valued  pupils as individual marketing companies for you.If i help every pupil i teach pass their test and give them a magnificent experience while with me then the natural byproduct of that will be a successful referral business and pupils promoting your business to other potential clients.22 Years later my business is solely built on word of mouth and now the internet by people who like you wanted my services because their friend,sister,brother,mother,cousin all passed with me previously.

My strategy in getting you through the test is a simple one.Everybody has different levels and the trick has always been to get EVERYONE singing from the same tester sheet.

My goal has always been  to teach you with the testers eyes not mine.I teach my pupils to understand exactly what the tester wants not what i say i  want.My pupils believe what im  telling them is a fact because it is.If i say its this way on a left turn its because its the testers way on the left turn.If i demonstrate how the reverse should be done then its because the tester wants it that way.Like many others i could deliver a list of qualifications as long as my arm non that you would understand nor need , the only thing you want to know is have i passed the test.My mock test training is the best in the business because when you take the instruction away then you really see what the pupil is like and the mistakes they potentially will make because of test pressure environment.First you have to understant the testers marking sheet but let me give you an example of what i have just said about referral work,

A man called David deverell rang  and told me that his daughter had failed 2 tests with a different driving school.

I spoke to him and told him i will take his daughter Zoe for 1 hour and after i would advise him what to do and more importantly what shes doing wrong.I did the one hour and gave him my opinion of what was needed.

The following was his google review he left after Zoe his daughter had Passed her Test.


“My daughter, Zoe, had done the 12 EDT lessons with a different school, and taken the test twice in the last 4 months and she had failed. She always got very nervous on that day. I had spent a fortune and was at the end of my tether. I rang Kevin Horgan in early Nov 2012. I asked him about his claim that 98% of people pass with him as their instructor. He said if he could have a few lessons with Zoe, that she would pass. What had I to lose? Anyway, 4 lessons later, and Zoe took her test and passed. We were thrilled! PS. This is a no-brainer - I will be asking Kevin to teach my younger daughter from scratch.”


As a result of me implementing my Mock test strategy successfully and as a result of what  you are just about to read.For 22 Years i have had this exact situation happen time and time again because of what i do on the Mock  test lesson.

My time with Zoe was about making her realise that she wants the full licence from the tester and that she has asked him to join her in the car not the other way around.He has the pink licence that she wants and that it is her junction prioritisation and order on approach that  the tester watches not herself.She was afraid to brake and change down gear  both at the same time so when she changed from 3rd gear -2nd gear she was releasing the footbrake also and flying into the turns and thats what failed her.As a result of this vehicle control issue she always had a fear of changing down so she just left the clutch down cause it was easier than coming in too fast(Poor instructing previously).Then because she had failed 2 tests she was feeling that she was a usless driver and her confidance was very low on top of a 17 year old girl  being very self concious.I made Zoe feel very much different than her last instructor.I built her right up,told her we would fix these small issues,(immediate trust built)i showed her how to do it and slowly i could see her totally change her opinion.I showed her how the tester looks at junction order.M.S.P.O.I told her when the tester asks her to take the next turning on the left that he is looking for her MSPO.She asked what that is i told her instead of her thinking the tester looks at her he looks to see has this girl checked the MIRROR and has she SIGNALED left,Is her POSITION now correct and tucked into the left and finally what her OBSERVATION at the junction is like.MSPO.I told her that  every junction on the test this is what he looks for not what shes wearing.She then started to focus on getting only this sequence right.After a few hours her junction precision was perfect and her gear and clutch were perfect.Zoe was a different girl now.Bottom line is Zoe had to feel different about herself and her driving before she could pass and this way i achieved both.


.A great instructor assesses very quickly what the tester wont like and focuses Solely on them weaknesses until they are fixed.



Those that are interested in getting started can drop me an email here or call 085 118 1111. I look forward to working with you in the future.